What we do

Vision Statement

Our vision is a just world where refugees and migrants contribute to economic and social development, cultural richness and diversity without suffering discrimination and human rights violations.

Mission Statement

To facilitate globally coordinated collaboration in the field of migration, in all its forms, with a focus on protecting human rights through policy development and engendering effective policy-to-practice solutions.

Our Mission

  • To create a truly comprehensive and fully representative network of all stakeholders affected by and affecting migration in all its forms at local, regional and global levels
  • To facilitate and increase constructive communication within and between all stakeholder groups
  • To create more informed awareness and engagement in stakeholder settings and leverage existing networks for positive change in the perception of migration
  • To create a strong knowledge base of research and issues in the field of migration through monitoring, identification, coordination, prioritisation and dissemination within and outside of the network
  • To develop actionable solutions enabling orderly and beneficial mobility, tailored to the issues and stakeholders in question through coordination of expertise and resources
  • To accelerate policy-to-practice solutions by providing access to best practices
  • To ensure a sustainable working model of the organisation that is flexible to the changing needs of the network and the global environment