Migrant Training and Placement Programme

THP has developed a programme which involves both training of migrants (particularly in soft skills training) as well as placement of migrants into jobs.

Businesses struggle to fill skills gaps from within their local labour markets.
Cities are faced with the challenge of effectively integrating migrants, including facilitating their access to the labour market. Migrants need to gain employment, to contribute to the local economy and actively participate in their new community.

All three of the above stakeholders tend to address their respective challenges in silos resulting in disjointed solutions that are less effective. Given the complementary needs of all three groups it is crucial for them to work on these issues in partnership to give results that can be mutually beneficial.

The THP Solution
Capitalising on 16 years of experience in working with the corporate sector and government, THP has developed a unique solution to answer these challenges by working with qualified trainers for the training of unemployed migrants in skills to then place them into jobs available in companies. This innovative approach of working with businesses, city governments, and migrants will help alleviate the challenges faced by all three groups at the same time.
The THP Migrant Training and Placement Programme forms pathways of cooperation between city government and local businesses with the aim of improving labour market outcomes in the city and increasing migrant community participation in the labour market; the net outcome is an enhanced economy in the region.

How it Works
In a comprehensive and tested process THP first examines present and future structural labour shortages and skills gaps in the city, as well as how migrants experience the labour market. We interview key players in local businesses and in local government to learn about their needs. In the second step, THP develops a tailor-made training programme based on these needs and finds suitable trainees from the migrant talent pool. Finally, the upskilled migrants are placed into jobs within the relevant businesses.

THP’s Competitive Advantage
THP offers both training of migrants (particularly in soft skills training) as well as placement of migrants into jobs. Market research indicates that there are a number of training and placement services in the form of educational institutions or in-house company training and recruitment agencies. These organisations tend to focus either on non-migrant unemployed people or on a specific niche within the migrant population. The training and placement services designed by THP are tailor-made to answer to the specific needs and challenges faced by unemployed migrants and skills and labour shortages in businesses.

The THP Team
THP currently works with a team of researchers, labour market consultants, and other staff who are experienced in gathering data as well as analysing trends in shortages in labour and skills. THP is also supported by labour market and HR experts, the THP Executive Board and its Advisory Council who draw from various areas of expertise.

Through the THP programme, businesses in the city will be better able to fill skills and labour gaps by expanding their employee pool to include skills offered by migrants, leading to greater efficiency and increased productivity in the company. The city will benefit in that it will reap the rewards of greater economic impact, increased integration and access to jobs for migrants which will also reduce the cost that migrants could potentially bare on the welfare system. Similarly, migrants themselves will be more active participants in their host communities and contribute to the economic and societal wellbeing of the city.

For more information about THP’s Migrant Training and Placement Programme please contact Nava Hinrichs, Managing Director.

E-mail: nava.hinrichs@thehagueprocess.org
Tel: +31 (0)70 711 89 89
Mobile: +31 (0)6 52 77 29 31

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