Closure of THP

In 1998, a group of individuals who were eager to raise awareness and dialogue on the subject of migration established The Hague Process on Refguees and Migration (THP). The original aim of the organization was to fill the policy gap that existed at the time on migration and refugee issues. Since our inception, the migration field has grown tremendously and the subject has become a focal point in the media, political debate, and amongst civil socity.

Along the way, we carried out many research projects to feed effective policies for migrants including the role played by the private sector and local city governement; we participated in countless high level events around the world which aimed at promoting the rights of migrants where we advocated for the needs of migrants in labour market integration and policies that safeguard their human rights; we organized regular meetings with a wide range of stakeholders and were able to effectively translate their input into policy recommendations to national and local governments.

Building on our years of policy work and research, we also established a social venture, M-Capital, as a subsidiary of THP. M-Capital implemented our unique Migrant Training and Placement Programme in which we designed tailor-made soft skills training programmes for migrants and subsequently placed them into jobs. During the functioning of M-Capital, we were able to carry out training and placement programmes in the cities of Rotterdam and The Hague.

We are very proud of the many milestones we reached and of the vast community of interest that has grown as a result. We now see countless initiatives from NGOs, national and local government departments, and even private sector entities that aim to address various issues within the migration field.

Unfortunately, over the years THP also faced increasing difficulty in obtaining sufficient funds to allow the organization to operate. In 2018, the THP Executive Board decided that THP would close its doors in August 2018 and is now no longer in operation.

Our work and achievements will continue to be available online. You can access THP’s publications, papers and reports on this site which is being hosted by the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance within UNU-MERIT. If you would like further information, please email:

Thank you for your interest in our work and best wishes from the THP team!